"The investment community's unmatched and irrefutable predictive trading publication on the world's most important financial markets."


"The World's Premier Predictor of Major Market Movements"

The Futures Wizard (“TFW”) is the world’s premier predictive publisher of major market movements in leveraged financial instruments.  We are also premier analysts in stock market valuations and opportunities.  Unlike any other generally disseminated financial publication, The Futures Wizard disseminates unvarnished precise market predictions before they occur and stands behind each unequivocal predictive publication.

With an emphasis in the global currency and futures markets, TFW’s analysis entails the publication of an initial prediction, exemplary timing and strategy implementation, as well as the effective dissemination of the conclusions to all predictions rendered.  Whether you are an individual investor, a multinational company, an international hedger, a speculator, or a student of financial markets, we have the predictive ability and the expertise to ensure that you are equipped with the most valuable, precise, and accurate information available.

What makes us unique, and sets us apart from any other service available, is that, at The Futures Wizard, we provide everyone with the ability to observe firsthand our capabilities BEFORE deciding to become a member or a part of our community program.  TFW does not hide behind purported past success that is not verifiable through direct observation when it is claimed to have occurred.  Importantly, the markets predicted by The Wizard have a major impact on the global economy and also comprise some of the largest and most fascinating financial markets in the world.


"Leveling the playing field for all market participants"

We are proudly offering “The Futures Wizard” as our innovative and unparalleled flagship publication with the goal of reaching every serious and suitable individual, corporation, endowment, fund, or charitable organizations.  We are certain that through your own objective analysis, and observation, you will realize the benefit of becoming our satisfied and trusted member.

You deserve to be afforded the best and most useful information to provide you with consistent opportunities.  You deserve to know that you are being provided the best service.  Life is like the market… it fluctuates.  There is enough turbulence in life’s experience to take some comfort in obtaining what you deserve from a service that has a vested interest in success.  Unfortunately, for so many dissatisfied investors (75% in a recent national poll), anyone can charge a fee to teach you how to lose money.  Regardless of what the intention is, that is what nearly always occurs.

There are a fresh supply of losers every trading day and, in fact, the markets depend on this continued supply.  That supply, however, will not come from our members or from the information contained in our publications.  Not only will you find a guarantee like not other service anywhere in e-commerce, but you will see consistent results.  The Futures Wizard is a “Performance Based Publication!”


"Believing through Observation"

We provide a unique service and our mission is to boldly change the landscape of the investment community where consistently poor results stem from over inflated promises by companies and analysts that do not have a vested interest in ensuring the effectiveness of what they offer.  Our Performance Based Publication will ensure this will never be an issue as our interests must be in harmony with the interests of our membership.  

“We invite you to observe The Futures Wizard’s unparalleled ability to correctly and consistently predict major market movements.”


Our satisfaction comes from sharing the feeling that traders obtain when they are successful, when they have accomplished something exceptional that is empowering. Empowerment is the cornerstone of what drives The Futures Wizard to add value to our followers and it is the bedrock description of what inspired us to make this service available to you.  At the Futures Wizard, your success is our success.

If you do not feel a sense of empowerment through the use of our service then we have not succeeded …We are publishers of financially unparalleled Good News before it becomes news! Partaking in The Futures Wizard’s predictions is certainly not for everyone.  Our goal, however, is to bring allusive markets to investors that would otherwise overlook them for a variety of reasons.  Here there are no gimmicks to lure you into something.  Not only do we stand on our own, but our publications are unparalleled and are backed by an unprecedented guarantee.

Everyone understands profit and loss.  Everyone has a grasp of when something is accurate or inaccurate.  We strive to prove our value in a manner that cannot be credibly refuted.  The very impetus behind our service is to consistently disseminate unvarnished predictive publications to the world.  Beware of “copy traders” and “automated” systems they are a sure path to financial ruin.  Over 75% of all traders who follow those paths lose money.  Moreover, any broker that is also a dealer, effectuates trades where they capitalize on the “spread” and one party (50%) must lose money.  In stark contrast to those services, The Futures Wizard has a vested interest in your success.

“We answer the questions that all investors should find most important! Furthermore, unlike any predictive service in any industry, we also inform our readers…

   WHEN our predictions will occur.”

We kindly ask you to review the content of our site.  If you are a serious investor, or have an interest in these fascinating markets, we implore you to review the memberships we offer to determine which is most conducive to your needs and interests. Decisions relating to the involvement in these markets are important ones and we want you to make an informed decision (kindly click on the link below).  The Futures Wizard is committed to empowering every investor in the most fascinating markets in the world.  We thank you for visiting our site and hope that you have the wisdom to…

“Trade like a Wizard.”



“Follow the Wizard… The Wizard knows the Future(s)and the stock markets.

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