The Financial Industries Only Performance Based Publication on Investments which include; Futures, Currency and Stock trading. We are never compensated in a manner that approaches the value we bring to the investment performance of our clientele."



To become an affiliate of The Futures Wizard (or The Forex Wizard.org) you must read and agree to the terms and conditions of this document.  As an affiliate, this document constitutes the contract that you have with us and will be binding on both parties (herein referred to as “You” or “affiliate” and “The Futures Wizard” or “TFW.”  Importantly, in order to be an affiliate you must also be a member to our subscription services.  Importantly, you are bound in the same manner as all of our members to adhere to the disclaimer and terms of use of our service.


As an affiliate you will be representing the image and mission of The Futures Wizard.  We believe that this affords you with both an incredible opportunity as well as a great responsibility.  Honesty is analogous in many respects with integrity.  Congruent with that premise, we demand that as an affiliate you are completely honest with all of your prospects and in all of your communications about the benefits of our service.  Naturally, we would expect you to tout the performance and added value that our service provides as long as it is done in an appropriate and accurate manner.  With that being stated, you may never over inflate the benefits of our publications when you are either recruiting members or potential affiliates.  Integrity also involves the manner in which you carry yourself.  We expect our affiliates to take pride in our service and realize that you will become an integral part of spreading our message and mission to the world.

You must follow and agree to follow an honest presentation using mainly the information disseminated by “TFW” and you must refrain from making material misrepresentations or omissions in your presentation to persons interested in joining our service or joining our affiliation program.  Remember, we have an affiliate team that is here to help you and if you have any uncertainties you agree to consult with our team BEFORE representing something to potential clients.

A great deal of the material you will use to attract new clients is contained on our site.  Additional support is available to you through our affiliation program team.

Remember first and foremost what our service entails.  By affirming your consent to this agreement you will become an affiliate of a publishing company.  The Futures Wizard is the publisher of financial predictions that are protected by the first amendment of the Constitution.


The first amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides great privileges to citizens of the United States.  This is the amendment that provides for the freedom of speech and expression.  However, this right is not an unfettered one.  There are constraints and limits to what written or spoken words, statements, and expressions are protected under the constitution.  The bedrock illustration that has stood the test of time in accurately highlighting the limitations of this right is the example of crowded people in a theatre.  Under this circumstance an individual may not falsely yell out the word “FIRE.”  Indeed, this expression is not protected under the constitution due to the inherent chaos and potential harm it could cause as people attempt to rush out of the theatre due to the falsely stated remark.

This example should act as a guiding principal in the manner in which you conduct yourself and in the manner in which you attempt to recruit new members to TFW.  The principal to be taken out of this example is that you may not make statements that are not true and that can cause harm to another person.  All you will ever need to do is be truthful and illustrate the level of successful publications that we, meaning “you” as well since you are now a part of our association, disseminate.  “We” is an acceptable expression but you may not use the word “I” when you are presenting the accuracy of our publications.  In all other respects you may use the word “I’ when you are discussing your own experience or when you are presenting something for which you have firsthand knowledge.  Do not let this confuse you.  The main point here is that you may not express that you are the one that made any prediction contained on our site.

If you are not a citizen of the United States you agree to follow the laws and provisions that are applicable to your country.  Our affiliation program team assists all of our affiliates from overseas to facilitate compliance with their countries laws.  Foreign affiliates have the option of becoming a member of any team whether based in the United States or in another country as long as those countries laws are complied with.

Importantly, regardless of any laws or provisions from any jurisdiction, any material that you intend to use to attract new members that is not displayed on our site must be pre-approved and may not be disseminated without the prior authorization of TFW.


At The Futures Wizard, we allow all of our affiliate’s encrypted access to their affiliation team.  By affiliation team we mean all of the members that are part of your up-line and your down-line.  This enables you to easily keep track of all of the people you have introduced as well as your status within your team.  Teams are identified by the name of the Managing Director as well as a numeric code that belongs to that Director.  For example, you may enter a team where John Adam’s is the Managing Director.  John Adam’s team could be represented by the following identifier; MD-John Adam’s- Affiliation# 74.

This will provide you with everything you need to know about your status on your team and will enable you to manage your productivity and ensure that you get credit for all of the members you have introduced.  You should have a system in place for your records and report any discrepancies to either any Blue member of your team or, if you are in fact a Blue member, than directly to your managing Director.

You must identify, and are responsible for, the person(s) whom you introduce.  If, at any time, it is discovered that you attempted to circumvent this process you may lose all of your accounts, and residual income, permanently and your down-line will be transferred at the discretion of the Managing Director of your team.  However, the majority of the time your down-line will be transferred to the individual that was responsible for initially introducing you to our service.  Managing Directors should keep records of all the people they have introduced to our service and the prospects they have discussed our service with.  Once all Managing Director positions are filled the possibility of you not obtaining credit for your sponsors is reduced to a practical nullity.  We have systems in place to ensure you receive credit for all of the members you sponsor.

You may only be sponsored by one affiliate so you cannot be a member of more than one team.   Any person you introduce will be entered in our system and you will then get credit for every person they introduce to the program.  This becomes your down-line of all affiliates that you are directly or indirectly responsible for and they will become a part of your team.  You will continue to earn residual income for as long as they are members of TFW.  For those that were not referred and are interested in joining our service as an affiliate you will be placed on a team, at the highest level available, based on several criteria that TFW will take into consideration to ensure the most efficient and appropriate placement.

It is important for you to keep track of the affiliates you are directly and indirectly responsible and for your convenience that information will be available on a password protected area of our site.  If you notice any discrepancies you should bring them to our attention immediately—we will resolve those issues in a prompt and timely fashion.


The mission of  The Futures Wizard is to spread unvarnished communications to the world that can be of instant benefit to those interested in financial market fluctuations.  To that end, your main goal is to attract those people who may make use of, or are interested in, the types of communications that we provide.  Before you can become an affiliate you must fully comprehend and agree to certain conditions set out by TFW.  Importantly, to become an affiliate, you must agree that your primary interest is following the information published through our service.  You may not entice anyone to actually make an investment as that is at their sole discretion and must be made without any persuasion on the part of our affiliates.

You must also agree to refrain from making any promises or guarantees that are not contained in our Disclaimer and Terms of Use.  It is of the utmost importance that any potential person or persons being sponsored have a full understanding of the service we provide and the parameters of our Disclaimer.  Nothing outside of what we publish may be used to entice any prospective individual to join our service.  You may, and in fact we encourage you to, after all other predicate conditions are met, inform potential recruits of their ability to also join our affiliation program.  However, it must be abundantly clear that the person you are sponsoring has an interest and potential utility for the services rendered through our service.  In this sense you may not mislead, deceive, nor make any material misrepresentation about either the service we offer or the earning potential available to potential members.

Importantly, The Futures Wizard’s service is in no way dependent upon sponsorship’s.  To the contrary, the majority of our members join our service solely for the unparalleled predictive capabilities that we publish.  The affiliation program that we offer is simply an added incentive to help attract more people to an exceptional service and to further assist those who are committed to aiding us in achieving that goal.

Furthermore, our publication clearly falls under the service category of commerce.  In order to maintain your status as an affiliate you must agree that the service is beneficial and that we are meeting your expectations and fulfilling what was represented to you when you made the decision to become a member.   Ultimately, all decisions will be made by The Futures Wizard’s director of the affiliation program.  You agree that you have reviewed and understand the information that is posted on the “Affiliation Program” page of our site.



All affiliates should realize that Managing Directors have discretion over many aspects of the teams they manage.  A Managing Director may determine that a member of their team is producing sponsorship’s to a level that is exceptional.  In such instances, they can suggest promotion of that member to a higher level.  Any such action, including demotions, on the part of a Managing Director must be approved by either an Executive Manager or by the Affiliation Director of The Futures Wizard.


As an affiliate you agree to refrain from the following;

  • Providing any material misrepresentation or any fraudulent conduct in your dealings with TFW or with any prospective member;
  • Conduct which is not in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.
  • Creating any obligations by or on behalf of TFW.

Furthermore, you agree to keep, in strictest confidence, and refrain from using, disclosing, divulging, publishing or communicating, except with the express prior written consent of TFW, any confidential or proprietary information which may be acquired in connection with this Agreement and/or the association contemplated here-under.  Anything that is not otherwise publicly available to any non-affiliated person shall be considered proprietary under the terms of this agreement.


You hereby acknowledge and agree that nothing herein shall be deemed to constitute an employee employer relationship with TFW.

The Futures Wizard shall not be liable for its failure to perform here-under due to contingencies beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, strikes, riots, wars, fire, acts of God or acting in compliance with any law or government regulation.

You acknowledge that you have reviewed the terms of this Agreement, and that you have thoroughly reviewed the Disclaimer and Terms of Use, and that you fully understand those terms.  You hereby agree to the foregoing terms and conditions in their entirety.