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Author: Bay Chen

Many U.S. office workers are approaching a year of working from home. While vaccine distribution is accelerating, and the number of new U.S. COVID-19 cases remains high. Companies, with executives have espoused a potential return to normalcy to September. Salesforce grabbed headlines this week by offering employees a choice to continue to work from home […]

Greetings,  It seems like everywhere you look these days there is another absurd claim being made about the profitability of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.  From mining to increasing your bitcoin wallet 10 times a day GUARANTEED!  First off lets start with simple math.  If $1 were to be doubled every day for a mere two months […]

“PENNY STOCKS WILL LEAVE YOU PENNILESS.”   Greetings! Perhaps the riskiest venture in all of the investment community is what is commonly referred to as “penny stocks.”  The factual delusion of wealth building in anything to do with these investments is only confirmed by the extremely rare occasion where an investor in these products does […]