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Author: Danny Leboeuf

Greetings, We hope this journal finds you in good health and spirits. Here we are simply taking a look at the US stock indices from a short term perspective. Indexes Snapshot Symbol Last Change % Dow Jones Industrial Average 30218.26 +248.74 +0.91% NASDAQ Composite 12464.23 +87.05 +0.78% S&P 500 3699.12 +32.40 +0.96% SPDR S&P 500 […]

The Economics of Covid-19 and a Vaccine/Cure  Greetings financial and investment enthusiasts, We hope this journal reaches you in good health and spirits. The Vaccine/Cure Dilemma  The Futures Wizard has analyzed an obvious but seemingly overlooked economic factor of finding a vaccine for the covid-19 pandemic.  As many of our readers are aware, covid-19 is […]

Greetings, Fellow traders and financial enthusiasts have most certainly seen the most variable markets of a lifetime.  The Wizard has isolated the trading element that has caused a minor yet significant nuance in the marketplace.  Our two year track record has proven that our predictive capabilities are unmatched.  That element that has changed throughout the […]

Greetings, Despite the incredibly difficult times this pandemic has caused every corner of commerce, The Futures Wizard has been able to consistently provide our members with profitable trade predictions.  Make no mistake this has been a learning experience for all of us yet unfortunately so many services and financial institutions have been permanently displaced due […]

Greetings fellow traders and financial enthusiasts, We hope this journal reaches you in good health and spirits. While being cautiously optimistic we have seen some dynamic changes in the markets that are sending a positive signal.  Could this be a herald of an end to the unparalleled aberrations we have seen?  The short answer to […]

Greetings trading enthusiasts! The value of bitcoins goes up, and then it comes back down. The press is all over the story. Pundits and market watchers all have their opinion and voice it loudly across the airwaves and the Internet. Unfortunately, like most commentary their views and analysis are worthless. In general bitcoin IS A […]

Greetings, I would like to take a moment to simply state that Lamp of Aladdin cannot be taught to you in any course or instructional service you may find online.   You must be involved in the game in order to become a pro.  The Futures Wizard is far more than a pro.  This took years […]

Greetings,  Many times you hear analysts and financial services of varying forms talk about “beating the market.” This concept, which has become a common nomenclature in investing jargon, is a dangerous and grossly detrimental philosophy to have ingrained in the minds of investors or investment services.  The goal is not to beat the market but […]

BEWARE of anything RISK FREE! Whenever you hear “risk free trading” what you are hearing is similar to stating that a game of Monopoly is risk fee.  In other words, the speaker is claiming trading is risk free because it is based on a fictitious- non real- world of trading.  There are so many differences […]

“COPY TRADING” Greetings dear traders! One of the newest, and most dangerous, platforms (weapons) of financial suicide involve the use of what has become know as “copy trading.”  The actual results from copy trading are abysmal from an empirical standpoint.  Moreover, they dangerously place a trader, once again usually the unwary trader who is new […]