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Author: Jackson Burgundy

As we can see entering the last quarter of the year, The Wizard has consistently predicted a rise in the US Dollar Index.  This will cause economic turmoil is it persists as it becomes harder for manufacturers to export US goods.  We have also been consistent with our sentiment that interest rates are bound to […]

Dear Followers,    With deep humility and profound ambivalence, we want our readers to know that we are nonpartisan in our views. With that being said, there are a few things to take note of that are presently misleading and do support our proposition that the fundamentals (which are highly correlated to the news) are […]

Fellow investors, traders, and financial enthusiasts, Greetings, We hope that this message reaches you all in good health and spirits!  We here at The Wizard have been working on some very exciting things.  For this reason I want to first off apologize for the hiatus in our Weekly Wizard posts.  With that being said, there […]

Greetings, We hope this journal reaches you in good health and spirits.  The purpose of this journal is to familiarize our readers with a trading technique implemented at The Wizard during times of aberrant market activity.  This technique has been traditionally coined “The Hound of the Baskervilles” named after the famous story written by Sir […]

Greetings, Despite these trying times, I hope this journal finds you all in good health and spirits. There is little doubt that the recent pandemic has caused a warranted social reaction.  Whenever there is mass hysteria governments, institutions, as well as individuals look for stability.  This is a natural reaction that is innate in human […]

Greeting fellow traders and market enthusiasts! Today’s post relates to a recurring theme that I have seen throughout my experience with trading in leveraged markets.  Throughout the years so many things have changed but the paramount and important aspects of successful trading have not changed at all.  I have witnessed countless enticements to minimize risk while […]