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Author: Jackson Burgundy

Greetings, Despite the incredibly difficult times this pandemic has caused every corner of commerce, The Futures Wizard has been able to consistently provide our members with profitable trade predictions.  Make no mistake this has been a learning experience for all of us yet unfortunately so many services and financial institutions have been permanently displaced due […]

Greetings, Despite these trying times, I hope this journal finds you all in good health and spirits. There is little doubt that the recent pandemic has caused a warranted social reaction.  Whenever there is mass hysteria governments, institutions, as well as individuals look for stability.  This is a natural reaction that is innate in human […]

Greeting fellow traders and market enthusiasts! Today’s post relates to a recurring theme that I have seen throughout my experience with trading in leveraged markets.  Throughout the years so many things have changed but the paramount and important aspects of successful trading have not changed at all.  I have witnessed countless enticements to minimize risk while […]