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“Beating the Market” is not the Goal!

“Beating the Market” is not the Goal!


Many times you hear analysts and financial services of varying forms talk about “beating the market.” This concept, which has become a common nomenclature in investing jargon, is a dangerous and grossly detrimental philosophy to have ingrained in the minds of investors or investment services. 

The goal is not to beat the market but rather to win with the market.  The market itself is there for you to participate in and to succeed while doing so.  The conception of a battle against the “Market” is the beginning of a disastrous trading and investment experience.  The market always wins!  Regardless of which direction the market moves it is simply acting in harmony with its nature and it is bigger than any investor is or will ever be.

The point I am trying to make here is that the true goal is to “win” with the market!  The market is your friend much more than any trend!  The market is not trying to beat you and the notion that it is structured to do so is one of the main reasons why so many people lose! 

Again my friends, the market is your friend and is the very vehicle that allows you to be profitable and to increase the value of your capital.  We have witnessed time and time again how listening to the market as enabled the The Wizard to be so successful.  To The Wizard, the market is his friend, something to be confided in and something that communicates in many lucid manners.  Any notion of beating the market only relates to factors created to support this misconception.  This is especially true in leveraged markets where the bears provide the same opportunity as the bulls.

I wish you the best with your trading endeavors and I hope you have the wisdom to trade like a Wizard!

Danny- Senior Editor- “The Weekly Wizard”