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Disclaimer/Privacy Policy/Terms of Use

The FuturesWizard.com/The ForexWizard.org (herein referred to as “The Futures Wizard” or “TFW”) is a publisher of information that pertains to certain financial markets. All of our publications are available to the general public. The Futures Wizard does not provide personal investment or financial advice. Though we stand firmly by our publications, and we believe our record establishes the value of the service we provide, we do not offer investment advice nor do we assume a fiduciary role with any of our members, or associates involved in the Community Incentive Program (“CIM’s”).

None of our published opinions are to be construed as individual investment advice tailored to particular clients.  There is a risk of loss in the actual trading in the markets predicted on our site. As such, only capital that one can afford to lose should be considered or allocated for the types of predictions, strategies and/or any other opinions published on this site.

IF YOU ARE GENERALLY in a certain class, based on your own assessment of the appropriate level of your membership, this should not be considered, nor is it, particularized investment advice. The actual demographics of our members, including suitability for actual investments, are beyond the scope of our service. The actual manner in which members use the information we publish will always be at the sole discretion of our membership. Your personal circumstances and characteristics are not used to tailor advice based on any of the foregoing.  If you are of the opinion that any employee is providing advice against our firm policies you agree to notify our legal department as soon as is practical. 

We publish information that we believe is in the best interest of general account sizes, and is based on that analysis. That in no way should be construed as advice tailored to your particular needs, holdings, or other characteristics, whether you are an individual, corporation of hedge fund.  Only you, or your investment adviser may determine, at your sole discretion, which subscription we publish that best serves your needs or interests. Additionally, you hold harmless and indemnify TFW from any disseminated publication that is inconsistent with your actual holdings, trading experience, or any other particular characteristic applicable to you or the manner in which you use any publication that we disseminate.

Additionally, any amount that you agree to remit for our published opinions is in no way indicative of your particular needs or characteristics.  By stating general dissemination, TFW means that for each type of membership each member will receive the same publication.

As each subscription will contain the same published information to all members whom have subscribed to a particular membership level and will not therefore be tailored to unique holdings, cash positions, trading experience, financial circumstances, or any other characteristic. We may opine, in a general manner, what services are available, in the form of a survey, to general classes of potential members (i.e. accredited investors, Qualified Eligible Participants, multi-national corporations, hedge funds, etc.). That in no way implies that any responses are, or even need be, verified, and, importantly, only serves to be a part of our generally disseminated publication and will not be tailored to individualized investment goals or circumstances.

The particular memberships selected are entirely at our members discretion and should be based on an analysis of those particular needs and interests, none of which form the basis for any publication disseminated on this site.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. The Futures/Forex Wizard maintains a strict confidentiality policy with respect to its members. We will not transfer nor disclose, for any consideration, to third parties any information we obtain from our members. This includes, but is not limited to, the names, addresses, phone numbers, billing information, email addresses, and any other demographic information we obtain. The only exclusion to this policy entails the financial information that is required to establish your membership between merchant and banking institutions. We only work with financial entities that maintain strict policies regarding the confidentiality of member accounts.  Your merchant and/or banking account information will not be shared with any outside parties and will remain the confidential information of your bank and merchant account and TFW’s merchant account and the Bank of America.  

Registration and Subscription Data

The only individually identifiable information The Futures/Forex Wizard.com obtains from its members is that which is asked when you register to become a member or a CIM of our service. For those interested in becoming CIM’s we direct you to our “Community Program” page located on this site.  Again, none of this information is shared with any outside third parties.

TFW, its suppliers, agents, and sponsors cannot guarantee that there may not be any unforeseen interruptions in the accessibility of our site.  This should indeed be rare as TFW maintains its own server for the facilitation of member accounts. As with any site, there may be times when viruses and other harmful components attempt to interrupt our service. Our service is maintained on a separate and independent server and every effort to both avoid and to rectify such events will be employed and if such an event is deemed to be a threat to our members you will be notified as soon as is feasible. As a member, you agree to hold The Futures Wizard harmless for any such interruption, or event described in this paragraph.

There may be times when TFW must disseminate information to our members in a very rapid manner depending on market developments. The accuracy of our publications is of paramount importance to our members. The Futures Wizard takes extra measures and precautions to ensure that what is posted is an accurate reflection of the predictions rendered.  If an error is noticed, TFW will post a correction as soon as possible to ensure that a prediction is in fact congruent with the intentions of our publication.  This should virtually never occur.

In the event that it does, in light of the fact that The Futures Wizard is a publisher of information, the oversight will be entered on an “errors and omissions” page that will be developed when this occurs three or more times.  The purpose of this proposal is to avail our members of the percentages and likelihood that this may impact their service.  We do NOT expect this to be an issue or have any material impact on the service that we provide.  By agreeing to this Disclaimer/Terms of Use, you are hereby acknowledging that you have reviewed the errors and omissions, if any exist at the time you agree to these terms, and that you hold TFW harmless for these rarefied events.

Our predictions are based on the prevailing market price as of the time a prediction is disseminated to our members.  These prices are not guaranteed but reflect the prevailing price that is observed in a particular market, at the time of a predictive publication.  In actual trading, a transaction that is placed based on the prevailing price level is what is known as a “market order.” We do not recommend any trading company or brokerage firm as that is beyond the scope of our publication. We inform our members to be aware that an actual price may be more or less advantageous to the accuracy and profitability of a particular prediction.  In Forex transactions, the ability to engage in certain publications may be affected by the actual clearing firm where you choose to maintain your account.  As discussed in our “Determining Prediction Accuracy” page we do not believe that any differences in actual pricing will alter the value of our publications.

Membership and Billing

Each member will select a membership level that they feel is appropriate to their needs and interests. For most memberships you will receive emails, and/or text messages, disseminating our predictive publications directly to you. You may also elect to receive telephonic communications and other forms of dissemination as published on our site. You will be billed for the period for which you have subscribed (for the bulk of our members what you are billed for depends on the accuracy and success of the publications you receive).  All subsequent membership periods must be accompanied by an agreement as described below.

All members must agree that their service has been exemplary in order for a subscription to be renewed. Renewal is not automatic. TFW reserves the right to review your membership and determine whether a continued membership with our service is mutually beneficial. YOU WILL NOT BE AUTOMATICALLY BILLED FOR ANY subscription period. Unlike virtually any other financial service in e-commerce, unless you are re-approved, your membership will end and no further billing will occur.

The Futures Wizard reserves the right to decline to renew, or to cancel, any membership at its sole discretion. Any performance based reimbursements shall be made within six months of notification by the member, or prospective member.  In the event of cancellation, TFW will cease to accept any further payments and will reimburse any overage, on a pro-rated basis, that has been received from the date of termination through the period that has been billed and received. Barring any breaches of this contract, as discussed below, we also expect this to be a rare occurrence.


As a condition of your use of the Site, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold us, our officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives harmless from, and against, any and all claims, damages, losses, costs, or other expenses that arise directly or indirectly out of, or from, your use of our service. You shall, and hereby agree to, indemnify and hold harmless, TFW, and its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, agents, site developers, and CIM’s, from any and all claims, losses, damages, liabilities and any other costs and expenses, arising from or related to your use of our service. The only exception to this clause is any harm that is caused by any intentionally malicious or grossly negligent conduct on the part of TFW or any of its employees, or parties, referenced above.

Copyright Policy

The Futures Wizard asks, and in fact contractually requires, you to respect our intellectual property. TFW may, in appropriate circumstances and at its discretion, terminate the account and access of users who infringe on the intellectual property rights of our service.  We confidently believe that we will add value to our memberships. Hence, there is no need to breach the confidentiality requirements necessary to become and remain a member of our service. As a publisher of information, we reserve the right to protect our copyright and trademark interests.

We believe that the copyrighted information we publish is of substantial value.  As we consider all of our members to be in a tacit partnership with us, we respectfully request that you respect this policy.  At The Futures Wizard, everyone can benefit. We strive to make our fees marginal compared to the value we add to our membership.  Our legal team keeps a close eye on any breaches of our confidentiality policies. Should piracy become an issue, as collectively decided by our management and legal team, we may be forced to change the structure of, and the manner in which we disseminate our publications. We hope that this will not be necessary, however, the upshot of this unfortunate, but hopefully unnecessary measure, would require all members to meet certain subscription levels before publications are disseminated.  Again we hope that this will not be necessary.

Although we firmly believe that our methodology for pricing is unparalleled anywhere in financial commerce, The Futures Wizard accepts no responsibility for actual results or any other vagaries related to an actual trading account. By agreeing to this contract you hereby waive TFW of any liability for which it has no, and accepts no, control. You must also hold The Futures Wizard harmless from any deficiencies that may arise with an independent trading service. Your actual experience, if any, remain your unique, and sole, responsibility.

The legal team at TFW is consistently monitoring the legal landscape and will update the service in accordance with these provisions should they change.  The Futures Wizard is not registered, nor is it required to be, with any regulatory agency including, but not limited to, the CFTC the NFA or the SEC.

The Futures Wizard, and its CIM’s, are bound to refrain from engaging in any strategy that could be considered diametric to the predictions contained on this site. The publications we disseminate are bonafide in nature and there will never be a situation where TFW recommends a trade for the purpose of misleading our members. The only vested interest we have, in any financial transaction that is the subject of a particular publication, is its accuracy and added value to our membership. It is our firm belief that The Futures Wizard is one of the world’s best predictors of market price movements and this site will never engage in any practice that serves to impair the integrity of our service.

There will be times when The Futures Wizard’s predictions are not correct– even a Wizard can be wrong based on a multitude of factors and only a fool, not a Wizard, would make any claim to the contrary. Again we believe, in a genuine bonafide manner, that we will add value to those who choose to follow us.  The sole purpose of any prediction promulgated on this site is for the benefit of our members and it is those interests that TFW holds paramount and sacred. Our members should be aware of the risks involved in the markets we follow.  These investments are speculative in nature and only such capital should be used.

TFW takes no responsibility for actual investments that you may make. You agree, expressly, that any investments that you make, based on the information contained on this site, are your sole responsibility and that you waive The Futures Wizard from any recourse whether legally, administratively, or otherwise.

Leveraged financial instruments are considered speculative in nature. As such, the risks are commensurate with the rewards.  In general, Futures and Forex trading entails a high degree of risk and the use of leverage may work for you or against you.  All of the factors involved in Futures and Forex trading should be considered and analyzed before you entertain actual trading.

You hereby agree not to use the Site in any manner that is, or could reasonably be construed to be, unlawful, including, without limitation, a violation of any law, rule or regulation related to securities or investments, or any rules or regulations promulgated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodities Futures Trading Commission and/or rules of any national or other securities exchange and any regulations or other regulatory provisions or statutes.

You also agree not to post false statements, claims or allegations related to the service, or any other product or service of The Futures Wizard with the malicious or wanton intent of improperly damaging the service or the success of its members (including but not limited to posts on social media, comments in chat, or bad or harmful reviews). You also agree not to disseminate any information obtained through your membership to any other third party without the express written consent of The Futures or Forex Wizard.

Furthermore, you agree not to use the Site in any manner that could reasonably be construed to be in violation of these Terms and Conditions, or is otherwise fraudulent, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.

TFW was founded on the principals of free speech and expression, so that of course is your free will. However, defamatory statements that are not well founded distort the freedom of expression process as intentionally misleading statements can have a detrimental effect that is not protected under the constitution.  If you do decide to make an expression of our service, by whatever means, you hereby agree to have support for your remarks and a responsible attempt at veracity. The Futures Wizard is a commercial enterprise founded on the idea that everyone should have access to the most exciting markets in the world. We make the promise that we will, in good faith, publish true expressions based on our firm belief an opinion.  We ask you to do the same and that you use this service in good faith.

Due to what we believe our expertise entails, careful measures have been taken to ensure that the end user is the recipient of our publications.  We believe that our service is exceptional and that our guarantee demonstrates this premise and we ask our members to reciprocate our extension of good faith.

Every effort will be made to disseminate any changes to the site or service to our members and reasonable efforts will be made to apprise you of any material concern related to any such changes.

At various times TFW may conduct surveys geared toward obtaining information that we may find helpful in both improving our service and determining your satisfaction. By becoming a member of our service you agree to receive communications from us by any means including phone, mail, or email.  Naturally any decision that you make regarding whether to participate in any such survey or similar communication is at your sole discretion and will in no way effect the level of service that you will receive from us.

TFW is not responsible for third party entities who comment on our service without our express written consent.  At present, TFW does not intend to have any affiliation with third party sites. Here we stand on our own. We cannot control, however, any entity that touts or expresses an affiliation with our service. If The Futures Wizard does not expressly endorse a third party you should disregard, in its entirety, any claims made by any such party.

The Determination of the Accuracy of Trade Predictions

As aforementioned, TFW does not engage in particularized investment advice nor does it act in a fiduciary capacity to its members. The manner in which The Futures Wizard’s predictions are determined for accuracy entails the following:

On occasion, and depending on market conditions, TFW will disseminate and initial prediction to members regarding the movement of a particular market. Depending on the member’s service, we may also express the opinion that a particular position should be taken in order to capitalize on our predictions. In some instances, TFW will also make another recommendation based on market fluctuations to “average in” on a given position. This means taking another position on the same side of the market to “average in” the price level of a given trade. This is typically done for two reasons.  In the first instance, the strategy results in a larger position in the predicted market. The second reason is to decrease (or “increase” in the case of a short position) the average price level of a given trade. This strategy typically occurs when a market does not immediately move in the direction of a prediction but The Futures Wizard is confident that the market will do so in short order.  This may occur due to the normal breathing and fluctuations of the markets.

THIS IS NOT UNCOMMON.  If no opinion to pursue an averaging in strategy is disseminated, than the prevailing price level when the prediction is made will be used to determine the accuracy of a given prediction at the time the recommendation to offset that position is disseminated. If a trade is held for longer than one trading session, the price that will be used to determine profitability will be the market price, on the exchange where the underlying market is traded, or the prevailing OTC Forex market price, on the date and time the prediction is disseminated.

The exit price will be determined by the most favorable, from a member perspective, price level within 5 minutes of the time TFW disseminates his opinion as to when a trade should be exited. This again will be based on the prevailing price levels during the interim 5 minute period on the prevailing exchange or market where the product is traded (THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO TRADES THAT ARE ENTERED AND EXITED WITHIN ONE TRADING SESSION). Again, the most favorable price level during that 5 minute period will be used in the determination process. In the event that there is a dispute or any perceived uncertainty, the price level used will be based on a 5 minute intraday chart reflecting the actual price levels of the market or exchange for which the prediction was made (including the Forex inter-bank market prices). In the end, The Futures Wizard exists to enhance our subscribers experience and if there are any disputes that remain unresolved, and that are credible, than TFW will give the member the benefit of the doubt and will establish a page on the site that addresses material disputes as to the pricing of our publications.

Regarding “averaging in,” the average price based upon a recommendation to “average in” (which is mathematical but will be based on prevailing real time pricing) will be used to determine if a prediction is correct using the same methodology described above. Any trading predictions that that involve the same market are to be considered as the same overall “trade.” Should The Futures Wizard recommend averaging in for a second time the trade will automatically be considered inaccurate. TFW, however, depending on subscription level, will follow through with any prediction rendered until its completion.

This may result in a profitable or non-profitable conclusion, which again will be considered an inaccurate trade in any event, except for the “Watermark” membership levels for which, if a profitable conclusion occurs, will be considered a “wash” meaning that the publication will not be considered accurate or inaccurate. TFW will also express opinions, again, in real time, based on subscription levels, regarding exiting a trade founded on an original prediction. The first such recommendation will constitute whether the trade was profitable and will be so noted.  

As of the time TFW expresses an opinion to exit a particular trade than the prevailing real time market price disseminated from the appropriate market or exchange shall be used to determine the success of a prediction. Aside from trades entered and exited during the same trading session, the entry point of a given prediction will be based on the prevailing price level disseminated from the market or exchange where the underlying financial instrument is traded (plus or minus $50.00 per contract or unit depending on a long or a short position.)  There may on rare occasion be an instance where an erroneous publication is disseminated or not fully edited.  This will be extremely rare and will never occur on all platforms for which a member receives their publications.  The Futures Wizard is allowed three such errors per fiscal year as long as measures are made to correct the error once it becomes known to management.         


There are different types of investment strategies that may not be suitable to all investors. Many of these strategies entail position trading, swing trading, options trading, binary options, CFD’s or any combination of these strategies. For binary options, the accuracy of a publication will be evident on its face as these are inherently “yes” or “no” vehicles in terms of accuracy. The ability to sustain whipsaws and price fluctuations is part of the service we provide depending on membership levels. The exiting of a trade, again depending on the particular level of membership, will also be disseminated. Whether or not you actually participate in a publication, and how you choose to do so, does not in any way reflect the accuracy of The Futures Wizard’s predictions.

TFW’s prediction accuracy it is not based on any subscriber’s actual investment but rather on the prevailing, and fairly assessed, price levels and methodology described above. Although we firmly believe that our methodology for pricing is unparalleled anywhere in financial commerce, all subscribers should be aware that the broker you choose, and the method you employ to take advantage of their service, may affect your actual results. Again, we do not believe that this will change the profitability or accuracy of our predictions.

Any inefficiencies or failures that may arise with your independent trading service, with the exception of a rare malfunction of a heavily traded market, will not be recompensed by TFW. In the end, the interests of fairness control, and TFW’s main purpose is to add value to our membership. The actual trading experience, including commissions and price execution, among others, remain your sole discretion and responsibility with the exception of rare circumstances for which we will accommodate our members.

All of these decisions are legally separate from any service that TFW provides and we therefore cannot be held liable in any way for any deficiency, malfunction, or other resulting factor that may result in losses or an inability to realize gains except those that in the interests of fairness will be resolved in favor of our members.

The Futures Wizard does not and will not provide you with any legal, tax, estate planning or accounting advice, or any advice regarding the suitability, profitability or appropriateness of any security, investment, financial product, investment strategy or other financial matter and no employee of TFW is permitted to do so. We do, however, stand by the stated value of our publications for each membership that we offer our clientele.

You understand, acknowledge and agree that The Futures/Forex Wizard’s employees are not authorized to give such advice. You agree to neither solicit nor rely on any investment advice from any of The Futures Wizard’s employees or members.

Determining Accuracy during any campaign or “Free Trade” promotion

The determination of publication success for each dissemination, during promotional periods, is the same as described as above.  The only caveat is that since these promotions typically result in a in a much shorter duration than the “You Win or We Lose” philosophy that is mandated for all of our memberships, success is determined in an aggregate manner.  For example, if The Wizard is offering a risk free trial where 5 trades are offered for free and that result in a payout if The Wizard’s offer is not met, than the overall result of the number of trades disseminated will be used to determine guarantee eligibility.  Each publication must yield a profit, based on prevailing price levels, of at least $50 per publication per position (typically in contracts, or lots).  Therefore, if 5 free trades are being offered, The Wizard must provide a result that surpasses $250 in profitable publications at the conclusion of those trades being disseminated based on the same methodology described above.  If that condition is not met than The Wizard will compensate all participants in the manner described in each free trial offer.  There may on rare occasion be an instance where an erroneous publication is disseminated or not fully edited.  This will be extremely rare and will never occur on all platforms for which a member receives their publications.  The Futures Wizard is allowed three such errors per fiscal year as long as measures are made to correct the error once it becomes known to management.           

Governing Law

Any claim arising out of this contract shall be settled in the State of Delaware without regard to conflict of law provisions. The site is currently intended for use exclusively by individuals and entities that reside in the United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, and the European.

The geographical area of our intended users may change from time to time and all members will be duly noted of any such changes.

This agreement constitutes the entirety of the agreement between you and The Futures Wizard. You agree that you have read these Terms and Conditions carefully. You understand, acknowledge and agree that these Terms and Conditions govern all aspects of your use of the Site and the services provided by The Futures/Forex Wizard. By clicking “I AGREE” and/or using or accessing the Site, you acknowledge that you have received, read and understand the Terms and Conditions of this document in its entirety.


Additionally, and without limiting the foregoing provisions, by using or accessing the Site, you represent and warrant to us that you: (a) are not currently restricted from using the Site, or not otherwise prohibited from having an account with us, (b) are not a competitor of TFW or engaged in any business or activity, directly or indirectly, that could be competitive with our service, and are not using the Site for any reason that may be in competition with the Site or any other product or service we provide, (c) have full power and authority to enter into and perform these Terms and Conditions, and doing so will not violate any other agreement to which you are a party, (d) that you will not violate any rights of TFW, including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights, such as patent, copyright, or trademark rights, and (e) you agree to provide, operate and maintain, at your sole risk, the cost and expense of all equipment, software, and internet access necessary to use the Site.

Additionally, you acknowledge that it is the sole discretion of TFW to change the landscape of our service and to make any modifications or changes as determined by our management or legal department.

You further understand that all reasonable efforts will be made to make any such reformations known to our members before they occur and if they are material in nature then fair notice will be provided to you before such changes go into effect. However, due to rare but rapidly evolving events, this may not always be feasible and you agree to hold The Futures Wizard harmless for any alterations that are made and any adverse result that may cause you.

You also agree not to share the publications of your particular membership with any other third party. This includes sharing a disseminated prediction on any platform that entails social media. Once a trade is closed these rules are relaxed so long as a fair representation of all the trades disseminated are expressed. Once again, this site was built on the principals of free expression, and we therefore encourage such expression as long as it is not defamatory and is, in light of all of the information available, a true reflection of our service taking into consideration all of the material facts available. A fair assessment will rarely, if ever, result in any comparatively negative comment about our service as we boldly claim to be a premier service.

TFW touts that the publications on our site will be accurate to a significantly higher degree than they will be inaccurate. If this holds true, which we believe it will, then we ask that any dissemination of a negative remark also make reference to a complete series of publications so that the statement comports to the truth in all material aspects.

It is solely your responsibility to ensure that a valid email address (and or telephone number) remains on file for communications from our service. You retain full responsibility to ensure that The Futures Wizard is able to communicate with you in an expeditious and consistent manner.

As previously stated, the ability to take advantage of a particular prediction may depend in large part on the broker that you use. The Futures Wizard accepts no responsibility for your ability or inability to take advantage of any prediction that we disseminate. Based on the prevailing conditions of the market place, and any prediction that we render, this should not pose a persistent detriment to your membership. Should the landscape change, we will adjust the provisions of this agreement accordingly and in the best interests of our members.

The selection of a clearing firm, broker-dealer, bank, or any other financial platform for clearing Forex trades remains your sole responsibility and The Futures Wizard is hereby indemnified from any claimed opportunity loss based on your inability to effectuate the implementation of any prediction we publish.

The “Watermark” for the Pulitzer Publications

TFW has made available three memberships that are based on the performance of the predictions we disseminate. These memberships are known as the “Pulitzer Watermark” memberships. In publishing, or disseminating published material, the Pulitzer Prize is the highest honor that can be obtained from written publicized material. We use that term with a clear eye on its purpose and the quality mandated by the principals it represents. That does not, however, mean that they are endorsed in any way by the board of directors of the Pulitzer Prize. In fact, our business is entirely separate from the forms of publications that are viable for the Pulitzer Prize.

For these memberships there are two issues that are particularly important for our members to understand. The first principal is that TFW will not be compensated for publications that are not worthy of our members expectations. We will not be recompensed for any publication that is not mathematically profitable to our members based on the real time prevailing price levels in any particular market where a publication is made.

The concept of the “Watermark” is extremely important for our members to understand and is an incredibly beneficial aspect of the service we provide. In all of the Watermark memberships, TFW is not compensated for trading publications that are not profitable. However, our predictions must also be consistently profitable in order for our service to continue receiving compensation based on our predictive abilities. As shown in the membership page itself, an example is illustrative:

When TFW makes a prediction, or a series of predictions, based on your membership level, that result in a mathematical, and fairly assessed profit, then the highest mathematical level a membership account obtains will constitute a “Watermark.” The Futures Wizard will only be compensated for published predictions that mathematically bring a particular membership ABOVE ANY AND ALL PREVIOUS “Watermark” levels. This structure is fully explained in our “Memberships” page.

The fees assessed to member accounts for these types of memberships entail a nominal $75.00 maintenance fee. Any additional costs incurred are directly proportional to the performance of the service we provide. Within the industry of the service that we provide, this concept is virtually unheard of and constitutes a bonafide interest in ensuring that our members consistently receive the best predictive publications. In a boastful, yet humbling manner, we aim to change the face of financial analysis disseminated through our publications.

For options, the compensation will be based on the value of the underlying future or currency, adjusted for the premiums paid for the underlying option, when a final predictive publication is rendered. Each option position will be treated as one position for the purposes of calculating both your mathematical success as well as the amount of the fee we will receive for the publication provided to the general class of members in which you belong.

For those who receive any publications involving the use of “exotic’s” (positions including certain pairs of Forex, exotic options, synthetics, or other strategies that are atypical and clearly fall only within the realm of sophisticated members- meaning tier 2, 3 and 4) your mathematical profits as well as The Wizard’s remuneration will be calculated in the same manner and will be comprehensively explained in a fair and reasonable manner consistent with the intent and purpose of our “Watermark” memberships.

For all members enrolled in our “Watermark” programs you hereby agree to the terms of these memberships as explained on our site under the “Memberships” page. Payment for all calculated publications for the applicable time period shall be made before our “Watermark” members will receive any future publications. These payments may not be made via credit card and funds must be either wired or submitted via check to The Futures Wizard. The Futures Wizard primarily maintains its business accounts with The Bank of America. Specific bank instructions will be provided to each Watermark member at the time of enrollment.

The Recently Announced Regulations Promulgated in the U.K.

In a conjunctive effort, between the HMT (Her Majesty’s Treasury) and the FCA (“The Financial Conduct Authority” the financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom) was the creation of the FAMR “Financial Advice Market Review.” The goal of the synergistic creation of the FAMR was to provide clarification for many of the regulations adopted by the FCA and to propose guidelines to assist retail investors and to further delineate the regulatory schematic of the FCA. In Policy Statement 18/3, issued in February of 2018, the FCA adopted the FAMR findings and commenced to implement them. These new policies have permitted investors, and those interested in the Forex and Futures markets, to take full advantage of the services offered by TFW. We consider the United Kingdom to be a very important part or the markets we service. Indeed, London is still the world’s largest currency trading center.


If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be illegal, void, or unenforceable, which in our opinion we doubt will occur, the unenforceable provision will be modified so as to render the remainder of the agreement effective and enforceable

  Entire Agreement

You agree that these Terms and Conditions constitute the entire, complete, and exclusive “Agreement” between you and The Futures Wizard regarding the Site and the products and services we provide. Furthermore, this agreement supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, whether written or oral, or whether established by custom, practice, policy, promissory estoppel, or precedent, with respect to the subject matter of these Terms and Conditions.

The provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall survive any termination thereof indefinitely. This agreement applies to all members of TFW whether you were referred by an affiliate or not. You further agree that no promise has been made to you that is not contained in this agreement and if such promise was erroneously made it is hereby nullified and you are responsible for reporting any such promise to our legal department. This agreement encapsulates and comprises the entire agreement between you and The Futures Wizard (with the exception of the COMMUNITY INCENTIVE AGREEMENT) and you are hereby restricted by the principals of promissory estoppel from raising any claim based on any promise, whether in writing or made orally, by any person that is not contained within this agreement, or that was made prior to your acceptance of these terms and conditions.


All questions and concerns relating in any way to this Agreement should be made via email to: