The Financial Industries Only Performance Based Publication on global markets which include futures and stock indicies. We are never compensated in a manner that approaches the value we bring to the investment performance of our clientele."

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)



How will I receive your publications/predictions?

Our trading predictions may be disseminated in several formats and are tailored to your specific needs.  The most common methods we use to disseminate our predictions include email, SMS Text messages, telephonic recordings, members may also choose private tweets, What’s app, etc.    

Do I have to use a particular software or platform?

No.  At The Futures Wizard the only thing that you need to do in order to make use of our publications is the ability to enter orders in the precise manner we disseminate, simply learn from our earning approach, or make any use that is permissible under our agreement with you.  Our predictions are very concise from inception through to completion of a particular market prediction. 

How will I know if a trade prediction or membership level is right for me?

At The Wizard even though we have carefully crafted the general class of individuals and companies that are most apt to benefit from our predictions we do not act in a fiduciary capacity.  You should carefully select the program that you feel best suits your needs and goals.  That is a decision you must ultimately make.  Our goal is to provide unparalleled and unvarnished predictive publications that general classes of investors can benefit from. 

What makes your service so unique?

There is truly no other company available in e-commerce that offers the service we provide.  We provide precise and profitable published predictions BEFORE THEY OCCUR.  Any other company that claims to teach how to make fortunes in the markets, guarantees risk free trading, copy trading and other similar products, that are found in drones on the internet, are BOUND TO LOSE YOU MONEY.  Certainly they may have good intentions but the end results are factually abysmal and we challenge any company to litigate that issue.  That may sound like a bold statement but remember that our mission is to provide value and to ensure that our members are always receiving more value than any compensation we receive.  Naturally no business can survive without a profit but our mission goes far beyond that premise and we cannot sustain a profit if we are not adding value to you.  This combined with our guarantee alone separate us from any other service available.

Is the success of your publication and your guarantee based on how I actually use your publications?

The short answer to that question is no.  We believe if you choose to use all of the publications applicable to your membership level at the time they are disseminated to you then there should be little if any difference in your results.  In fact, we do not consider any publication that does not provide more than $50/ per position as a successful or accurate.  

we have clearly expressed in our “Determining Prediction Accuracy” page and you should become familiar with how we determine the success of our publications for all purposes.  We believe you will find that it is the fairest methodology found anywhere in e-commerce. 

 Where should I maintain an account?

The Futures Wizard does not recommend any particular broker of trading firm in which you should maintain your account.  We do, however, provide the parameters of any potential broker that you should be apprised of before you make a decision on where to have an account.   Depends on the type of publication you receive your individual goals, spreads, regulation, commission structure, margins,  speed in which your orders are filled, for Forex accounts this is covered in some detail on our “Forex Trading” page.  In the end you should not find it difficult to find a company that fulfills your needs  

Do I need trading experience?

Not necessarily, as with any new venture everybody had to start somewhere.  With our service this is a publication that can be used immediately to achieve results that many even after years decades of trading never obtain.   That is our mission and what drove us to launch this service.   

Do I have to have a particular amount of resources to trade or to take advantage of certain trades— the short answer is yes depending on publication particularly the Wizard Watermark Programs they are based on general levels of investable assets not to particularized needs

Is this an investment service? 

No. The Futures Wizard is not registered and is not an investment advisory service.  We do not tailor our service to the needs of particular members.  Rather we are a publication of general dissemination that disseminates our predictions on market movements.  Although we publish precise investment publications predictions we are not an investment adviser nor are we registered as such—Any member who did work for or was registered is thoroughly screened for any actions but we are not a fiduciary capacity as we accept no assets investable assets and we do not tailor our service to meet particularized needs of individual clientele.

Is there really a guarantee? 

At The Futures Wizard we offer much more than a guarantee.   Our guarantee is unparalleled anywhere in the financial publication industry or practically anywhere for that matter.  Consider our guarantee.  If we are not successful and our publication does not provide value added information to our members than we not only reimburse you entire membership fee we will pay for any other service, trading course, etc up to $1,500 of our choice.  At The Wizard we put our money where our mouth is and consistent with our mission we do not believe we should be compensated unless we add value to our membership. 

Can I truly generate income by spreading The Futures Wizard’s message and getting others to join your service?

Put simply the answer is a resounding yes.  The only caveat is that our service must be performing up to the standards we agreed to achieve and you must witness those standards first hand.  After that there is absolutely no other program available anywhere that comes close to offering the most generous and rewarding opportunity to actually generate a significant revenue stream in a relatively short period of time.  This is truly another facet of our service that sets us apart from the rest.  Please read our CIM Program page to learn more about this unique opportunity. 



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