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The futures and currency (forex) markets are among the most important markets in the world. These markets perform and incredibly important function in world commerce and economics. Importantly, these markets also afford incredible opportunity for those who…

Follow The Wizard.


Both of these financial instruments are available to investors worldwide.  The US Futures markets are widely available in Europe as what is known as Contract for Differences (CFD’s).  CFD’s mirror the prices of the US futures markets and also trade around the clock.  Thus, they are a highly reliable gauge of futures prices in the overnight markets.    

At the outset let us explain:


This unfortunate illusion has not only proliferated in the forex trading community but has factually done nothing to alter the indisputable fact the over 80% of all traders lose money.

That is not going to happen if you Follow The Wizard.

For example, our research team unveiled one service touts a 92% success rate. Amazingly if you read the fine print that is the success rate of obtaining customers!  You get what you pay for?  Not here!  You will earn more than you pay, or you get all of your money returned to you!

At the Futures Wizard we stand on our own. We do not recommend nor have any agreements with any third parties, including but not limited to, brokers, dealers, or advisers in the financial community.

At our firm, and through time tested analysis, we believe that the only “style” that is relevant is the style that comes with successful endeavors. NO ONE CAN TELL THE MARKET WHAT TO DO…. PERIOD.

Our publications are solely based on opportunity and that is always dictated by the markets themselves.  This necessarily mandates that the number of trades per hour, day, week, month or year cannot be tailored to suit a particular style as that would necessarily be telling the markets what to do.

Moreover, it is clearly inconsistent with the

“style” of profitability.

If you are interested making a preset number of trades or trading for a period of time that suits your style then you should do one of two things:

First we strongly suggest you change your style,

Second, if that is not something you are inclined to do then our service is not appropriate for you.  After, in all likelihood, you lose capital we hope that you come back to The Wizard, recoup your losses, and change your style.

We warn you to not be lured into “copying” as there are endless ways to make those results unreliable.

Moreover, passive automated systems will lead to poor results particularly over protracted periods of time. Becoming an expert is hard work; it takes a lot of time and effort. Becoming a Wizard is reserved for the very select few that even long and hard work does not guarantee.

The Wizard has another question for you. Can you name any of the world’s distinguished online universities?

We can’t, because there simply aren’t any. No one is going to teach you to riches nor is anyone going to hand you the Lamp of Aladdin to do the same. Neither Harvard nor MIT claim to be able to do this.

A little knowledge can be dangerous!

There is simply no other service that affords you the opportunity to observe our ability nor is there any company that comes close to the guarantee The Wizard provides to all of our members.

If costs are a concern to you, than we invite you to consider our Community Program. By welcoming merely three or more members to our service than you will receive out service for free. There is some truth to the age old adage that where there is integrity:

“you get what you pay for.”

A discounted service that mandates that you use a certain brokerage firm should have you running for cover. Here, we provide a premier service and for that service there is a premium when compared to what other companies charge you on the surface. 

It is what is below the surface that should give you great pause!

There is usually some sort of catch!  We have no ulterior motive, no agreements with other companies and only have a vested interest in you success.

Again, at The Futures Wizard we stand on own and we want you to stand with us!

Our mission is to build a community of the world’s most successful leveraged market participants. That is the community that you will find here and that is where you can share your stories of success.

How will you receive your trading publications and how to choose a reliable broker?

The Futures Wizard will disseminate currency trades in any of several ways that are convenient to you needs. These include; email, SMS, private Tweets, What’s App, and in certain circumstance we may also send a recorded message telephonically.

As far as the broker you choose we do recommend that you select a firm that is subject to some sort of regulation. For standard lots the spreads should never exceed 1 or two points and should afford you a leverage of at least 50:1. Your trading firm should not charge carrying costs nor require a certain level of trading activity.


What this means is that every trade they accept must be laid off to another party. In many instances this other party is another trader using the same broker that you are.  A minimal level of research should avail you of a broker that should be able to meet your needs. Also remember that if you are not satisfied with your service you may switch your account with relative ease as there are a great number of credible brokers to choose from.

No matter how enticing any platform may purport to be if you choose a regulated firm they must tell you that the overwhelming majority of their lose money period.

The Wizard is here to change that!

You can take advantage of The Wizard’s immense ability to predict the markets from virtually anywhere.  Money never sleeps… neither do the markets!

Platforms are important to the extent they are useful to take advantage of The Wizard’s predictions. However, as explained above, in and of themselves, they are a dangerous tool and enticing way to lose your money.

Demo accounts will give you demo results!

This is simply a new wave term for what was formerly known as paper trading.  Unfortunately you will not receive the kind of paper currency is printed on.  Following any automated service signal or robot will not work over the long term- period. 

Thousands of these virtual signals that can be rented and automated are not the domain of The Wizard and will not in our opinion lead to profitable results.

The Futures Wizard is for people who are serious about their trading and
Investment endeavors and that really want to take
their experience to a whole new level.

None of these products consistently makes you money and none of them come close to putting their money where their mouth is and even more importantly:

No one sees what The Wizard sees… See for yourself!



If you feel compelled to entertain the noble mission of learning then why not profit while you learn instead of the other way around?

Learning the fundamentals of trading is not a bad idea in general. Learning itself is always a rewarding experience as long as you use the information learned in a sensible way. In essence what you will learn from any online program will lead you to be at best a novice.  You will ultimately have to trade and learn from a trading style that is consistent with how you perceive the financial markets and the world in general.  The Wizard is devising the most compelling learning structure that can be found anywhere and is in the process of publishing what we believe will be a revolutionary book on financial trading.  We will keep our followers updated on the release date of this publication.   

Without proper training you will be equipped with all sorts of dangerous tools that can cause significant financial damage in the world’s most intricate and complex markets. That is simply not an educated endeavor when you can instantly be empowered to be much more than experienced but among the best in the world… and our guarantee is unparalleled and we cannot and would not ever make any attempt to hide from the added value we provide.

In fact, our “Forex” page is intensive and discusses many of the details and history of these markets and their structure and how it became a popular investment vehicle. Please see the link below for a comprehensive discussion of the forex market and forex trading.

The Forex Market

The overwhelming majority of the currency pairs that The Wizard follows are also the most efficient. Naturally these include the “Majors” in which the US Dollar is always included in the pairing.

Major markets followed by The Wizard include:

EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, and the AUD/USD. We also may disseminate publications on other currency pairings including the NZD/USD, USD/ZAR, and the USD/HKD.

The main Cross Currency pairs we follow include:

While this list is not exhaustive it will represent at least 80% of the forex pairs we will include in our publications.

 The overall quality of the publications you will receive from The Wizard are unparalleled. You will be instantly empowered to trade like a Wizard. You will receive trading publications only when the Wizard believes them to be most reliable. Remember The Wizard has a track record and reputation to maintain and a mission that is like no other.

We wish you the very best with all that life has to offer. We hope we can be a part of your journey and help you successfully navigate through some of the most exciting markets in the world. Our mission and our goal is one we hope you are a part of.

As always we hope you have to wisdom to…
“Trade like a Wizard.”

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