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Introductory (VIP) Membership

Introductory (VIP) Membership-

The Futures Wizard does not use the “VIP” label lightly here you truly are a “very important person” to us at every level. This membership provides you with access to our general predictions at the time and price they are published. This subscription service is analogous to having constant access to certain password protected areas of our site which disseminate a general prediction as well as a prediction relating to when, in general terms, exiting, or closing, positions should be entertained.

The ideal candidates are those who are new to trading and those who have experienced an endless supply of unproductive services in the past.  This is also an ideal membership level for those that are interested in our “Community Program” and partaking in a very successful and unique way to become a trader and to literally make The Wizard a primary source of both your investment profitability as well as a significant source of your financial revenue. 

Please click the link below to learn about our community program which may suit your needs and assist you in becoming an active participant in the currency markets and the ability to make a significant income in the process.  


 You will have unfettered access to our seminars, webinars and all of our resources to ensure that you have a rewarding experience as well as a flourishing relationship with us. Indeed, there are many ways this provides a gateway toward a very lucrative relationship with our service.

Not all of our predictions or strategies are posted or available at this level but it is a very good way for traders, and those interested in trading, to earn capital which will enable you to consider the more sophisticated memberships as your experience with The Futures Wizard continues to grow.

The Introductory VIP Membership is ideal for those new to trading or those who have limited experience in the currency and futures markets.  This exemplary service provides all members with access to password protected areas of our site and contains all the general predictive publications disseminated by The Futures Wizard.

This platform will provide you with the instant ability to know the direction of the markets BEFORE major market movements occur.  This service is also ideal for those interested in our “learning by earning” approach that sets us above any other service available.  Here you will not be copying “Joe Schmoe from Idaho” and sitting back and watching your money diminish!  You will be in a position to reap the rewards that leverage has to change your life in the same manner it has changed to lives of those that are bringing this service to you!  Kindly review our page on the reality of “COPY TRADING.”  For your convenience the link to this page is provided below.  


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