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Joining The Futures Wizard

We welcome you to the most competitive customer driven membership service you will find anywhere. 

Our fee structure is also unparalleled for the actual added value you will receive.  We are the only service that puts our money where our mouth is.   


The Futures Wizard is a Performance Based Publication.  The benefits of actual membership include the following: 

1)   You will select a general level of risk that is most appropriate to what class you believe you fall into. 

2)  Each prediction will indicate the perceived risk involved with a particular prediction. 

3)    The amount of capital expressed as a percentage that we feel is most prudent for long term success of the classes of investors.   

4)    Precise risk levels, including the placement of protective stops, to ensure trading optimization.   



Memberships currently available:

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Premier (VIP) Membership      (Guaranteed Accuracy-75%)
The Forex Trader      (Guaranteed Accuracy-75%)
The “Watermark” Program    (Performance based structure)


Our membership levels have been carefully crafted to ensure that our members maintain the most valuable strategies available.  Our exhaustive efforts have been devised to provide you with the opportunity to extract the most value from our predictive abilities across the multitude of financial instruments discussed on our site.  Differing members of the public have different interests and we have endeavored to accommodate those differences.  Profitability, however, is the most important interest that all investors share!  The one variable that will never change is our commitment to providing unparalleled success in the predictive publications that we disseminate.   

Our service publishes precise predictions without ANY ambiguity on the future movement of leveraged markets and the effective strategies to capitalize on those movements. 

Consistent accuracy in predicting the future movement of financial markets is priceless and is a feature that YOU WILL NOT FIND ANYWHERE ELSE!  

In the most sophisticated (“Watermark”) memberships, which are explained in detail on a separate page, all markets and strategies The Futures Wizard predicts are made available.  Kindly click the link below to learn more about this service:   

The Pulitzer Watermark Program (Explained)


Our fee structure is also unparalleled for the actual added value you will receive.  We are the only service that puts our money where our mouth is.  


Unless our publications are accurate you will not only receive a refund but we will pay you 105% of the cost of your membership.


This, once again, cannot be found anywhere else!


If consistently profitable recommendations, which are backed by an unparalleled guarantee with results that you can observe and cannot be refuted, is a refreshing concept, then you have found a home with us. 


The only thing keeping you from trading like a Wizard is selecting a membership that best suits your needs and joining us today!


Thank you for taking the time to review our site.  We believe you will agree it is the finest in the industry.  We publish unparalleled predictions with accuracy and a guarantee that is unmatched and cannot be refuted.  We are confident that our service can significantly add value to your trading experience and overall success. 



  “Follow the Wizard… The Wizard knows the Future(s)… and the Forex”