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Light at the End of the Tunnel

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Greetings fellow traders and financial enthusiasts,

We hope this journal reaches you in good health and spirits.

While being cautiously optimistic we have seen some dynamic changes in the markets that are sending a positive signal.  Could this be a herald of an end to the unparalleled aberrations we have seen?  The short answer to this is being expressed in a manner that is diametric to the principals The Wizard typically adheres to.  That answer is yes and no.  As the leading publisher of truly value added predictions we never like to hedge our bets on the future outlook of the market as a whole.

We will not do so here!

Yes.  The markets are showing significant signs that will enable us to bring you more value added predictions than we have seen over the past couple of months.  This is exciting to us and to our membership.

No.  The economic affect of this pandemic is a little more complicated when we consider the multiplier effect.  The management of the virus combined with the consumer sentiment of how the virus will be managed are also important variables that will inevitably direct the manner in which the global economy is to recover.  Rest assured it will yet it may get even worse before it gets better.  Economically the worst part of this pandemic still lies ahead.  This will be a challenge to private and public commerce for years to come.

Importantly, however, commerce will continue and will adapt, evolve, and ultimately rebound.  From a futures and currency perspective all of these factors will create enormous opportunity the likes of which we are accustomed to seeing in a marketplace that is not subject to this level of social hysteria.  We at The Wizard have learned a great deal from this.  “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Rest assured that we continue to be guided by that principal.

Stay well friends,


Daniel J Leboeuf- Editorial Director