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Managing A Social Crisis

Managing A Social Crisis


We hope this message finds you in good health and spirits!

The markets are behaving in manner that we have not seen the likes of since 9/11.  Due to the current crisis there is no doubt that our trading predictions have slowed down. The global social impact this epidemic is causing has created an environment the likes of which we have never seen.  Our top priority now is the well-being of our members.

We are an extremely unique service due to the precise predictive publications that we disseminate to our membership.  Immediate empowerment and added value is what our mission is all about.

The measures we have taken internally to do our part include the following:  There will be No cost to any of our members for the month of March and thereafter 50% of all of our revenue will be donated to charitable causes that are working to detect, treat, and contain the virus until this crisis is under control.  We have not selected the precise charities we will be supporting but we will avail all members, and prospective members of our service, once we have made that decision.

We do want to take this opportunity to avail you of some markets that are approaching the level we demand in our predictive service.  Although this is not the type of commentary to expect (barring any questions you may have) we must carry on and at least apprise you of possible market recommendations as well as the manner in which we are dealing with this crisis from a strategic prospective.

After our last predictions in the Australian and US Dollar’s respectively, the currency markets, with the exception of the Swiss Franc, are not yet ripe for prediction considerations.  We do see tremendous opportunities on the horizon.  This posture can also change at any moment and please understand that we will apprise you of any changes as they occur.

There is one market that we are watching that has moved as we have internally predicted (again not to the point of dissemination to our membership) and that is the May Soybean market on The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)- (A principal commodities exchange in the United States).  For our foreign clientele depending on where you maintain an account there should be a mechanism to capitalize on these markets with various products including CFD’s (Contract for Differences).  Depending on what we see this MAY be the next prediction since we know that many of you are anxious for another trade.

Remember one of The Wizard’s principal mantras and that is that you cannot tell the markets what to do!  The markets are on our side and we work with and listen to the markets in a manner you will simply not find anywhere else.

The bad news to our 5 TRADE CHALLENGE PARTICIPANTS is that you are NEVER going to get $200 dollars!  The GOOD news… you are going to get A LOT LOT MORE THAN THAT!  We want to also thank those of you who have participated in this campaign which has been met with incredible responsiveness and we also want to express our gratitude for providing us with the opportunity to prove to you the unparalleled value that we provide.  

Right now the most important thing is your health and the health of your loved ones and the world community.  Take care of yourselves and take care of each other.    


The Futures Wizard Team