The Financial Industries Only Performance Based Publication on global markets which include futures and stock indicies. We are never compensated in a manner that approaches the value we bring to the investment performance of our clientele."


“The Futures Wizard was founded based on our vision that everyone should have the ability to succeed in the world’s most fascinating markets. The Wizard is a publisher of unvarnished value added information that pertains to precise market predictions from which every investor can benefit. Our goal is to level the playing field for everyone and to enable our members to observe our predictive ability before it occurs. E-commerce is riddled with services that make huge promises but provide poor results. Our policy stems from our belief that we should never be compensated in a manner that approaches the value we bring to our membership. We will never waiver from that mission.”
         – JWM III- Founder





“To provide the most valuable information and service on the world’s most fascinating markets to every investor.”  


The Futures Wizard was founded based on our belief that all investors should have unvarnished access to the world’s most fascinating markets and that they should not be at a disadvantage in the process.  Our inception was also due to a comprehensive analysis of virtually all other similar services.  We have found that virtually all financial sites base their claims on little more than either unsupported and ambiguous assumptions, or on “back testing” and “hypothetical results” and the multitude of deceptive possibilities that exist in the newly found “copy trader” platforms.  THEY WILL ALL LOSE YOUR MONEY… PERIOD.  The most logical way to determine if something is successful is to observe it firsthand and to make intelligent assessments based on direct and untrammeled perception.

“The quintessence of our mission is to offer the only tangible and unvarnished published predictions in the world’s most fascinating financial markets.


The Futures Wizard is committed to empowering every investor to have profitable and equitable access to the world’s most fascinating markets”

The Futures Wizard’s expertise covers virtually every financial market worldwide.  From stock indices to consumer and industrial goods, we have been fortunate to have established the assertion that if you “Follow The Wizard” over time you will be in the position to accumulate exceptional trading profits.

We make this guarantee with the utmost of confidence.  For individuals and institutions that are suitable for leveraged investments, and are interested in a service that provides detailed publications, in the form of precise predictions, The Futures Wizard should be your first and last point of reference.

Why have we chosen this undertaking?

We believe that all suitable investors can be successful and that all markets should be available to them.  Any definition of a successful life must involve giving to others.  In order for our mission to succeed we must create more wealth than we generate.  That is the contribution we are committed to achieving.  The Futures Wizard is an expert, and this philosophy was motivated through the observation of a deficiency of any truly useful predictive service in the world’s most exciting markets.

To our dissatisfaction, what we have found is commentary that has little utility in practice.  Embarrassingly, we have witnessed an entire industry thrive through the dissemination of poor predictions and ambiguous advice.  Our mission is to bring the opportunity of the world’s most fascinating markets to all suitable investors and potential investors around the globe.  We aim to achieve this goal through the general, but precise, publication of our unvarnished predictions.

We invite you to reap the benefits of a life of study, trading, and wizardry that we know you will see as apparent on its face.  Indeed, these factors, combined with the ability to provide a valuable and proven service, were elemental in our decision to launch this publication.


The best traders in the world, a category of which in our firm opinion The Futures Wizard clearly belongs, are secretive in their trading strategy with good reason.  TFW’s purpose is to change the landscape of sophisticated financial instruments and to provide commendable predictions on a multitude of markets.  The laws of nature, economics and, perhaps most importantly, the market participants, are the variables that enable our service to be successful.

TFW is not a service that provides commentary on each individual market on a regular basis.  As such, there will be no opinion expressed on the litany of markets in a general sense.  The markets always dictate!   Other than market efficiency, the characteristics of a given market are of no import at all.  The “opportunity” is what is important.  Unveiling those opportunities, through precise predictions, is what we do successfully and will continue to do for as long as leveraged free markets of trade exist.

There are two undeniable facts behind our mission.  Firstly, the world contains an endless supply of investors, or potential investors, and all investor’s primary concern should be in enhancing their capital. Technology has rendered the world vastly interconnected as events that affect China, Japan, and other Asian economies have an immediate and reciprocal impact on commerce in the United States, Great Britain, and all reaches of the globe.

Importantly, another distinctive feature of our service is our “Community Incentive Program.”  This program is available to all of our members that experience the ability of The Futures Wizard to consistently perform at a level unmatched by any other financially orientated service of regular dissemination.  We encourage, and generously reward members who, through their own observations, reach out to spread our message and the value of our service.

This program enables subscribers to earn a revenue stream by taking advantage of the predictions promulgated on our site as well as from introducing new members to our service.

This is simply the most unique opportunity you will find anywhere in e-commerce.  In the first instance, our service must perform in order for our members to sponsor others to our site.  Second, there is no cost, merely your selected membership to the services we provide.  Additionally, there is no possibility of market saturation and we offer a revenue stream that is both highly generous and marketable to a virtually unlimited number of potential members.

If you are interested in successful trading, obtaining a significant revenue stream, and at the same time, sharing a valuable and unique service with others, then please visit “The Wizard’s Community Members Program” TO LEARN MORE ABOUT this extraordinary and incomparable opportunity (click the link below).

“Incentive Program”

“This service provides multiple ways to capitalize from our predictive capabilities”

According to the Bank of International Settlements’ Triennial Survey, and virtually every other veritable source, the Spot Forex market trades over $1.65 trillion per day.  When this figure is combined with currency options and futures contracts, the amount traded on any given day is more than $5 trillion.  Yet it is a market that is allusive to the average investor.  There is an inherent imbalance.  The largest markets in the world should be available for everyone to consider as a potentially suitable investment vehicle to enhance their portfolios.

The ability to accurately navigate these markets, and to isolate profitable opportunities, is the final frontier of making these massive markets truly available to all suitable investors worldwide.  We aim to change the face of trading and the opportunities that are available to each and every suitable investor — That is our mission.  We hope and trust that your observation of our ability will encourage you to join us!  To all of our viewers who have had the ability to see the incredible value and potential available through our service…

We welcome you to The Futures Wizard!


Follow the Wizard, The Wizard knows the Future(s), Currencies, and the Stock Markets.