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Many investor’s encounter a significant hurdle which is the inability to effectively manage their assets.  This includes knowing how much to place in an initial position, how to build on that position, and when to take profits and cut losses.

We have seen countless situations where an investor is correct on the overall direction of a given market yet ends up being unprofitable.  Herein lies the intricacies, and the unique dynamics, of these markets.

The Futures Wizard is exceptional at publishing strategies on asset management.  This enables our members to properly take advantage of our market predictions.  Naturally each investor is unique and TFW cannot tailor advice to the unique needs of any given investor.  However, TFW deems several effective money management strategies to be cardinal principals.

Several factors are analyzed to effectively implement successful asset management strategies based on the general level of assets applicable to specific memberships.


TFW employs several time tested methods that are geared toward publishing valuable information on the management of assets.  This is essential in order to take full advantage of the predictions we disseminate.  In order for us to provide the most valuable information, we breakdown the level of investment that is appropriate to certain classes of investors.  This is an important consideration that our members should consider in effectively managing their assets.

At The Futures Wizard, asset management is disseminated in a critically varying manner depending on general classes of investors that fall into the variety of memberships that we offer.  This is an extremely important factor that you should consider when selecting the appropriate membership level.

As we stated earlier, it is not uncommon for traders to be correct in their opinion of the overall direction of a given market without realizing any profits.  There are several reasons for this phenomenon.

One of the prevailing reasons is a debilitating yet extremely common investor sentiment known as loss aversion.  Loss aversion is also one of the primary reasons why most investors fail.  THE PAIN ASSOCIATED WITH LOSS IS GREATER THAN THE PLEASURE ASSOCIATED WITH GAIN. THIS INHERENTLY CAUSES REACTIONARY INVESTMENT DECISIONS THAT USUALLY RESULT IN LOSSES.  

Leveraged markets do not move straight up or down and the ability to withstand market “whipsaws” is paramount to obtaining a high level of success.  The Futures Wizard is an expert in this area and will publish the necessary commentary to guide our members through all of the dynamics involved in the effective utility of our market predictions.

To obtain large profits in these markets there are times when “averaging in” and staying power are necessaryA market may move against you before it moves for you!  It is the ability to handle and manage this eventuality that leads to the monetary rewards that are, by any financial standard, virtually unparalleled, particularly when the time value of capital is considered.

As a reminder of paramount importance, depending on the level of our various memberships, money management strategies are adjusted as TFW accounts for the general differences in membership levels.  Due to these, and a multitude of other factors that affect profitability, we offer premium memberships that focus extensively on the exceptional balance of:

Money Management and Profit Enhancement.

Ultimately, money management depends on consistent accuracy in the …

Prediction of Market Direction!


It is a lot easier to move with the current than against it!


Not only is this premise important from an actual market perspective but it is a principal reason why our service is unparalleled.  Why waste your time with any other service when you can be taking advantage of proven predictive abilities immediately! and with an unprecedented guarantee!!

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