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“Penny Stocks” Will Leave You Penniless!

“Penny Stocks” Will Leave You Penniless!




Perhaps the riskiest venture in all of the investment community is what is commonly referred to as “penny stocks.”  The factual delusion of wealth building in anything to do with these investments is only confirmed by the extremely rare occasion where an investor in these products does achieve success.  We also hear about lottery winners don’t we?  The fact of the matter is that you are much better off going to Las Vegas and having a good time while you lose your money than you are investing in penny stocks. 

The motto that is widely known regarding Las Vegas is applicable to the investment in penny stocks from a slightly different angle.  “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”  Consider your investment in penny stocks as Vegas itself.  And remember what happens there stays there!  That will include your investment in penny stocks. 

This perspective does not even include the commission structure and spreads that are wildly absurd and nearly impossible to precisely analyze when investing in these products.  Penny stocks are often touted by dealers who profit from the spread when unloading these nearly worthless products (hence the name “penny stocks”).  In the end, these so called investments are not investments at all but are at best described as luckless gambling.   

You should also be very cautious of any program or trading course that touts the ability to make you rich through the purchase of penny stocks.  As always READ THE DISCLAIMER CAREFULLY.  Moreover, always scrutinize the guarantee!  If a company does not lose if you do not win it really isn’t a guarantee at all!   

If you are truly interested in wealth building you should only deal with a service that displays its ability in a manner you can observe.  Reasonable speculation, or what The Futures Wizard terms “speculative investing,” is a much more viable approach to achieving and adding to wealth.  Before you lose all of your capital either investing in worthless “penny” stocks, or on any program or course that will drain your capital before even bigger losses occur, we kindly ask you to consider what The Futures Wizard has PROVEN to be able to do.  Again there is truly no facet of finance or investments that the staff at our company is not keenly knowledgeable of. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this editorial.  We hope that you have the wisdom to Trade like a Wizard! 


Bay Chen

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