The Financial Industries Only Performance Based Publication on Investments which include; Futures, Currency and Stock trading. We are never compensated in a manner that approaches the value we bring to the investment performance of our clientele."

Take a Look at Us Now

Take a Look at Us Now

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Fellow investors, traders, and financial enthusiasts,


We hope that this message reaches you all in good health and spirits!  We here at The Wizard have been working on some very exciting things.  For this reason I want to first off apologize for the hiatus in our Weekly Wizard posts.  With that being said, there are several reasons that during this period we have been working on our infrastructure and expanding our service into new areas of the investment community that are not only exemplary but that are far reaching in the value we will be bringing to the investing public.

In the first instance our trading accuracy is back at the unparalleled level for which our customers were accustomed to before the pandemic hit.  We have managed to thrive through the pandemic and most memberships have been deeply discounted during this period.  At The Wizard, we know what is most important in life and our job is to be a part of enriching your life experience as well.

Financial trading is fun!  The old concept of it being an endeavor that does not add value to society is just that; a very outdated anachronism that could not be in more discord with contemporary times.

For certain, the financial leveraged markets remain our principal financial endeavor.  Yet at the same time we realize that nearly all financial trading, and even daily living, involves leverage.  Our mission, and what we have been successful at, entails utilizing leverage to the benefit of our followers and to continue to provide added value that will continue to grow our following.  

Our new “Pay Per Trade” service is the financial industries most innovative product that establishes with clear and convincing evidence that our clients always come first.  The crux of this service guarantees that we cannot be compensated unless we add value to your investment experience.  This service will be available within the next two weeks.  We could not be more proud and excited to provide you with this unparalleled and customer driven service.    

Futures, Currencies, and Stocks are now all a part of the equation of what we will be offering our clientele.  We will also be providing sector analysis, as well as publications that are geared toward the various levels of risk tolerance applicable to general classes of investors.  This is an exciting time for us since we know, through exhaustive research, that NO OTHER SERVICE IN THE WORLD PROVIDES YOU WITH THE GUARANTEED VESTED INTEREST WE HAVE IN YOUR SUCCESS LIKE WE DO!

True to our mission, we will never be compensated in a manner that approaches the value we will bring to you.  Stay well friends and we respectfully ask you to keep an open mind and to be patient as we lead you to financial success.  At The Wizard your success is our success!

Thank you for reading this update.  Financially geared analysis is forthcoming and will be the lion’s share of the future of “The Weekly Wizard’s publications.”


Jack Burgundy- Co-Founder and Editorial Director