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The Markets Always Dictate!

The Markets Always Dictate!

The Markets Always Dictate!

Greetings dear traders, financial enthusiasts, and all those interested in value added investments,

Today I feel constrained to write about a dangerous trend in financial e-commerce advertising.  This “trend” is the incessant predilection of trading platforms, systems, signals, copy trading, and a plethora of other adjectives that are all based on the absurd concept that the markets can be told what to do.  NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.  As the title of this article states; “The Markets always dictate.”

The only profitable trading endeavors, certainly over the long term, necessarily involve reacting to what the market is manifesting at a particular time.  The market cannot be told what to do and the boastfulness of these claims is perhaps only surpassed by their absurdity.  Successful trading is hard work!  It can only be obtained through experience that can never be substituted by any other means.  The most successful traders in the world all agree on the concept that hard lessons (meaning experiencing losses first hand) are the greatest lessons than can ever be learned and they simply cannot be taught!  

What is perhaps even more alarming about these claims is that they are never supported by any empirical evidence.  My friends, if there is anything I can assure you it is that any notion or premise that one can tell the markets what to do is not only nonsense but is also a sure fire way to financial ruin.  Think of the markets as the ocean.  As sure as you cannot control the tide you cannot tell the markets what to do.  THEY ARE BIGGER THAN YOU ARE!  Reacting to what the markets are saying is the only rational way to successful navigate the tumultuous waves and shifts that may occur at any moment.  The leverage that is afforded is also what demands a strict adherence to market forces and the use is this incredible vehicle is only as much of an asset as the humility behind the trader employing it.    

For this indisputable reason, any system etc… that touts the ability to successfully tell you when to enter a market in the future and /or when exit a market in the future is tantamount to telling the markets what to do.  It will not work and it actually is diametric to the laws of nature.  Dear readers, please beware of such services that make these types of claims.  Remember, over 80% of all market participants in leveraged markets lose money.  That trend has simply not improved, and evidence suggests just the opposite, with the rapid onset of these types of “enticing” claims.

I will end this note with a cliché that is all too applicable to profitable trading in any financial market let alone leveraged markets:  “The only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary.”  These are truly words of “Wizdom!”   

Till next time, be well, live with passion, and “Trade like a Wizard”

Daniel J. Leboeuf- Senior Editor- “The Weekly Wizard”

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