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The Stock Markets

Along with currencies, the major stock indices are far and away the most important financial metric of a nation’s economy.  For this reason, The Wizard has been involved with the analysis and trading of stocks and stock indices for a long time.   As a sector, the stock market indices worldwide have comprised one of the most successful of all market segments we trade.  Many of our trades are in American stock indices including the big three which is the NASDAQ, Dow Jones, and the S&P 500 Index.  Our long- and short-term analysis of these markets, along with other significant global indices, are leading barometers to our success.   

At The Futures Wizard, you will have the benefit of a team of experts that began trading stocks in the early 90’s.  Our traders come from some of the best investment banks in the world.  Needless to say, stock trading, apart from indices, is more of a long-term value-added endeavor.  Here you will have access to the best stock picks, trading ideas, and portfolio management.  However, the main goal of The Wizard is trading in leveraged markets which does actively include the world’s stock indices.

Here, you will know the direction of the overall markets as stock indices aim to measure a broad sector of the market.  This not only includes stock trends but also the capital markets including government bonds which are directly correlated to interest rates.  



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