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The Strictly Options Trader


This membership is catered to those interested in the magic of options with an understanding of the myth that other services tout to entice unsuspecting options traders. At The Wizard you will be able to exploit the magic and minimize the myth. The only option strategies that are not available are “binary options” as that is a distinct membership.  As a member of The Options Trader you have the option to opt in to the “Binary Options” trader for a discounted fee.

The options trader membership allows you to take advantage of the maximum use of leverage and when this is combined with The Wizard’s predictive abilities you will be in an extremely advantageous position to achieve success. Our proprietary strategies were devised in collaboration with the youngest recipient of a Doctorate Degree in the history of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As a close relative of one of the founders of The Futures Wizard his Doctoral thesis was in mathematical probabilities. If 70% of the options strategies we publish are not successful than 100% of your membership fees will be refunded. This percentage is based on 30 option trading strategies. The options publications entailed in this membership involve mainly the futures and the forex markets. The primary goal will be to add value through “exercising” of published options strategies.

Markets covered in this membership include:

The Futures Markets                                                               The Forex Markets

Stock indices                                                                             All Majors (involving the US Dollar)
Currencies                                                                                 Major Cross Currency Pairs

The Options Trader membership- $250/ month and in only offered as an opt in product:

You may opt in to the Binary Option Trader for an additional $100/month.  The 70% refund policy will only be based on non-binary options positions as described above.