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Welcome to The Wizard Wisdom Newsletter.  As a member, you will receive precise disseminations of all of our trades in real time.  You will also have password access to all protected areas of our site.  Both platforms share sensitive information about the general direction of certain financial products based on our proven ability to extract profits in the marketplace. Stock indices, Futures, and Currencies are the markets most actively traded and will constitute the majority of concise trading strategies included in your membership. 

Thank you for your confidence and we welcome you to a winning team. 

We also offer the best guarantee found anywhere in e-commerce.  At The Wizard we are a Performance Based Publication.  Our mission is to ensure that our members receive value that far outweighs the financial compensation The Wizard receives.  For this reason, The Wizard will be applying for nonprofit status in the near future.   

We are confident that The Wizard provides a value-added subscription service unlike any other in e-commerce.  You will benefit from the vast knowledge and experience we have crafted over many years of trading, analysis, and academia.   If 75% of our trades are not profitable after receiving thirty trade predictions than we will not only reimburse you, but we will add 5% interest on top of your expenditures.  The confidence we have in our service is further evident through our commitment to integrity. 

“At The Wizard, either you win, or we lose.” 

We invite you to our Premier Membership “The Wizard Wisdom Newsletter” for the contribution/payment of $59.99 per month or $499 per year.   

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