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Thriving In Difficult Times

Thriving In Difficult Times


Despite the incredibly difficult times this pandemic has caused every corner of commerce, The Futures Wizard has been able to consistently provide our members with profitable trade predictions.  Make no mistake this has been a learning experience for all of us yet unfortunately so many services and financial institutions have been permanently displaced due to this crisis. 

Granted we have had to make adjustments and yes even a Wizard can learn and that is precisely what has provided us with the opportunity to provide you with consistent results.  Are economies opening up too quickly?  The only thing that concerns us is that nothing has been accomplished on the medical front to combat this disease.  Whilst we certainly agree that our economies cannot be shut down indefinitely we fail to see what, if anything, has been accomplished.  The course many economies are taking now only serves to illustrate that the lock downs have been put in place for no apparent or effectual reason.  The reason the numbers have gone in many places is solely due to the safety measures that have been taken.

We would never choose sides on any sensitive issue.  We realize that either choice presents lasting and significant dangers to us all.  What is concerning is the very real potential that easing restrictions may very well have.  If numbers begin to rise again, which The Wizard believes they will, then the mass hysteria will be exponentially worse which will invariably send even more devastating shock waves through the global economy. 

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