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Taking advantage of our service is an extremely easy and simple process

(U.S. based customers)

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The first step is to open an account of your choosing.  We recommend reputable firms that are subject to regulation and tight spreads which we will explain below.  We do not endorse nor do we receive, nor would we accept, any compensation from potential firms to handle your account.    

To start trading exchange-traded products, you have to open a trading account with a futures broker who’s licensed to conduct business on behalf of clients.


It is as simple as opening any type of investment account.

We are not a dealer or broker nor do we manage your assets.  It is simply up to you to follow our publications within your account if you choose to do so.  Performance based Publications are what we are all about and we strongly advise our general classes of members to take advantage of the publications we disseminate.  We strongly believe, and the record clearly establishes, our ability to add value to you.  All leveraged investments carry an element of risk exposure and any firm you choose to trade through will avail you of the regulatory mandated disclosures.  

Remember, that any firm that encourages active trading is capitalizing on that precise activity so they have an interest in a lot of trading activity.  THAT IS NOT WHAT IS IN YOUR BEST INTEREST… WHICH IS THE ONLY INTEREST THE FUTURES WIZARD WILL EVER BE CONCERNED WITH.


Many firms out there offer all kinds of different platforms and analysis to enhance your experience.  We strongly advise you to simply follow our publications and avoid becoming distracted by these enticements.  In our vast experience, knowledge, and insight, none of those products will assist you in your trading endeavors.  You only need to be able to enter and exit trades in an easy to use format.  Again THE SIMPLER THE BETTER.  

DO NOT FALL FOR ANY OF THE ENTICEMENTS A BROKERAGE FIRM MAY OFFER.  These firms profit from trading activity.  We profit from trading opportunity.  

Our job is to alleviate that burden from you and this is something you can consider as you make your choice.  

We typically do not like firms that do not have support numbers listed on their sites.  This is simply our preference.  Due to the nature of the industry at the present time our only suitable recommendation comes from the only reputable company that handles both Futures and Forex accounts under one umbrella.  We anticipate that the number of reputable companies to follow suite will change in the months ahead.  At present the most viable option in our opinion is TD Ameritrade.  In fact, with this firm all of your investment needs can be handled under one roof and they are the first reputable company to branch out into this diverse service.         

They charge $2.25 per contract, per side for futures transactions (exchange and regulatory fees are very reasonable).  For certain, they are not the most competitive when reviewing strictly Forex or strictly Futures.  When the benefits of having everything you need in one place is considered, it far outweighs any slight differences that may exist when looking at each platform in isolation.  TD Ameritrade’s day trade margin is 25%. With Ameritrade, entering and executing orders is fast and price execution is acceptable.  Their 24/7 phone support make TD Ameritrade a plausible candidate. 

Most importantly you want stability and, at least for now, this is clearly a brand name company that offers a unique product that fits nicely into the service provided by The Futures Wizard.  We will continuously update plausible firms as acceptable candidates enter the parameters we look for.  Again, have absolutely no incentive to recommend any particular company and have no relationship with any company that we may recommend.  

After you select a brokerage firm the you’re comfortable with, it’s time to open an account and start following your membership publications!  We want to emphasize that You do not need the bells and whistles that are offered by many of the firms out there.  From our standpoint this will only serve to be confusing and a hindrance to your success.  We ask that recipients of our publications follow them to the letter in order to take full advantage of the service we provide.  

You are not going to need all the bells and whistles that for the most part only engender losses… what is most important is fast execution of trades, tight spreads, and competitive margins.  


For Strictly Futures Traders



For Strictly Forex Traders


*Please note that it may take a few days to establish an account with the firms named above or with any firm of your choosing.